Data Collection



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Uses and Features

KCircles is a data collection and classification system that allows an individual or a circle of collaborators to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

KCircles is not an alternative to programming for enterprise applications. It is not a no code - low code solution. These solution require "development" skills that keep "civilians" on the wrong side of the knowledge chasm.

With KCircles, You'll cross the chasm in minutes. KCircles has a workflow engine to ensure information integrity. It encourages collaboration but you can also use it by yourself. It's a social network for facts and a step towards democratizing data.

With KCircles you can:

  • Create an inventory of your belongings
  • Make a record of the plants in your neighborhood
  • Work on a science fair project with other students
  • Track statistics for your team
  • Collaborate on a research project
  • Create a newsletter from various entries
  • Document items for a meeting

It has lots of good features:

  • Create a data template on your phone by tapping the items you want
  • Use your camera or photo library to document your entries
  • Select existing templates from our store
  • Create a circle of colleagues to collaborate with
  • Request to join someone else's circle
  • Review entries to make sure they're facts
  • Move data to a spreadsheet, database or another app

Information and Support

Even though we think that KCircles is straightforward, sometimes you need a little more information and support. This section will help.

KCircles documentation:

Some other useful information:

Usage Fees

Free to start, so give it a try:

  • Application is free.
  • Circle owners receive 100 megabytes data space free per owner. This is probably enough space for about 5,000 entries that have images. More if you don't have images.
  • There is a fee of $10.00 per month per gigabyte unit in excess of above. Currently this fee is being waived.
  • Email us for further pricing info

Data and Privacy Policy

When using KCircles™, or accessing KCircles.org™ and KCircles.com™, you should be aware that:

  • When you visit or process information and data on KCircles.com™ or KCircles.org™ information about you is collected and stored on those sites. This information is in the form of request headers, URLs and any information that you key-in or upload.
  • Request headers consists of a techincal description of your environment such as browser type or IP address. This information is stored in a process log and used by support staff to debug and troubleshoot issues. It is also used as input for future release planning. URL's are stored in the access log and are used for debugging, troubleshooting, and future planning.
  • Information that you key-in or upload is stored in a database. This information is used by support staff to debug and troubleshoot issues. Contact information may also be used to contact you in the event the need arises.
  • KCircles™ ("The Company") will never knowingly share any of your keyed-in or uploaded information with a third party. An exception to this is if we receive a binding legal document from a US government agency.
  • SSL is available to encrypt data and passwords during transmission.
  • The Company uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), also known as the Amazon Cloud, to host the KCircles database and server-side application. Although The Company makes a reasonable effort to protect any information stored in the Amazon Cloud, The Company cannot be responsible for any breach, hack or other failure that results in the disclosure of your information. Access more information on the Amazon Cloud.
  • The Company reserves the right to sell or transfer the entire product to an acquiring company. In the event that such a transfer or sale takes place, you will be notified by email at the email address you have provided.
  • The Company reserves the right to limit the amount and type of data that a user may store on our server.
  • The Company reserves the right to amend or change this policy.